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DIY Season: Hauling To Do List

Trailers for DIY Projects

Doesn’t it seem like every time the summer season rolls around, your home improvement to do list is at its maximum? This time of year might as well be renamed DIY season. While these DIY projects may seem pretty simple initially, the finer details that you don’t focus on can make these tasks much more difficult and time consuming. One key area that often gets overlooked with the summer to do list is the transporting aspect of the project.  


Here’s a few considerations to consider for a variety of DIY projects where you may need the right size trailer for the job.


If you’re building a deck, putting on a new roof, or renovating a kitchen, how will you be able to pick up all of the items that you need for your project? How do you plan to haul the debris away?

Planning to plant new trees? How tall are the trees? How big are the root balls?

Can you fit them in your SUV without bending them? If you put them in your pickup, will they be too tall for some bridges? You may want to consider  open tandem utility trailers for larger trees or adding a equipment to make the job go quicker.

Tackling yardword? How many trips do you want to take to get enough bags of mulch in the back of your vehicle? If it’s an SUV or car, do you want your car smelling like mulch the rest of the season? Put it in a Majestic Trailer – with a trailer you can also get bulk mulch and save money. Mowing someone elses lawn? You may need an open single utility trailer to move a lawnmower, riding mower or make one mulch trip instead of wasting time transporting multiple smaller loads.

Did you just add another four wheeler or side by side to your family’s fleet? How are you going to take them to your favorite riding spot? Too much for your truck’s bed? Grab an open utility trailer that will haul from 1 to AS MANY AS YOU HAVE safely and securely. You can also hose them off while still on the trailer to keep your driveway clean!!

Sturgis is coming up August 3rd; Daytona will be here before you know it. Sure it was fun riding to those places when you were younger, but why not save your energy for the good time that you are about to have when you arrive? Those drives get longer every year! Wouldn’t it be nice to show up with your motorcycle clean and protected in an enclosed trailer and still have enough in your tank to enjoy the bike rally.

Working on a project car?  You may need to pickup a new engine, frame or take it to a welder or painter. An open car hauler is perfect for transporting unfinished cars or trucks and their many parts.

Whether it is home renovations, a landscaping project, or hauling heavy items like cars or four wheelers, our team at Majestic Trailer & Hitch is here to help you efficiently and safely transport items to and from your home. By investing in a durable and affordable trailer, you’ll be able to check off those tasks on your summer to do list much more quickly.


A Team You Can Trust

When investing in a trailer, you want to make sure to partner with a staff that has valuable experience in the industry. At Majestic Trailer & Hitch, our family owned business has been around for over 30 years.

The expertise of our staff is unmatched in the area when it comes to trailer sales, parts sales and service because of our deep knowledge and a strong commitment to our customers. We rely on repeat business and referrals so we make sure, we help our clients find the best possible deal for their unique needs. In addition to our top notch customer service skills, we also carry the best trailers and trailer parts on the market.


DIY Season Assistance

Utilizing a trailer for your DIY needs is the perfect option, but choosing the right trailer for your needs and your vehicle can be challenging.  We’re here to help.  Just stop in with your vehicle tell us about your transport needs and we’ll help you find the best trailer for you. Investing in a trailer from Majestic Trailer & Hitch can make your DIY season and the summer to do list go much smoother. Rather than doubling or tripling the amount of trips you’ll have to make to haul these items, our trailer options can help boost the speed and productivity of your projects.


Wide Array of Trailer Options

At Majestic Trailer & Hitch, we’ve got trailer options for all types of projects. Choose from any of the following trailers: 


So, if you are looking for a great way to help get you through your summer to do list, summer fun list or summer want list investing in a trailer from Majestic Trailer & Hitch should be at the top of any one of your priority lists. Whether you’re working on home improvements, landscaping, hauling heavy items, or hauling toys, our durable trailers and expert staff are your best bet. 

To learn more about your trailer options, Stop in, give us a call today at 1-800-691-9914 or email [email protected].

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