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Pintles and Goosenecks and Fifth Wheels - Oh my!


If you’re looking to tow heavy items, and by heavy we mean over 10,000lb GVW, you’ve likely ruled out a basic receiver hitch setup and instead are deciding the safest and most convenient way for you to tow it. At Majestic Trailer & Hitch in Akron, OH, we’ve been providing high quality service to our customers for more than 30 years. We’re extremely knowledgeable around the proper application based on you individual towing needs and will work with you to identify the right product. We understand that no two people are looking for the same thing when it comes to pulling a trailer, which is why we offer so many options. In this blog post, we’re going to dig a bit deeper when it comes to Pintle, Gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches to help you decide which of these options is right for your towing needs.

What are the Primary Differences Between a Pintle, Gooseneck Hitch and a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

The difference between these hitches is:

  1. Pintle - Is a heavy duty rear frame hitch typically found on a Dump Truck, Box van or other Cab/Chassis vehicles that have no bed space for a gooseneck or fifth wheel.
  2. Gooseneck - uses a ball and coupler that is undermounted in the bed of your pick-up truck. The ball can be turned over to allow you to have a flat bed when you are not hauling a trailer.
  3. Fifth wheel - uses what’s referred to as a kingpin and pin receiver. This type is easier to hook-up alone, but the head is bulky and heavy so most people leave it in the truck bed thus obstructing any hauling room of the truck.

See pictures and prices for hitches at https://www.majestictrailer.com/parts/hitches

What if You Need to Tow all Types of Trailers?

If you think you may need to tow different types of trailers, there are adapters to go from one to another. We recommend paying us a visit so we can help you decide your primary hitch and which adapter is best.  We can also make sure your rear hitch has the capacity to haul what you need.

Decide What You’re Towing Before Deciding on a Hitch

The primary decision you need to ask yourself when deciding on a hitch is identifying exactly what you’ll be towing. Once this decision is made you can then determine which hitch will work better for your unique application. Or...we can help.

Still Need Help Deciding Between a Pintle, Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch? 

If you’re still undecided about which type of hitch to purchase, feel free to reach out to the Majestic Trailer & Hitch team today. We have decades of experience providing trailers, trailer parts and hitches to our growing customer base. We have a large amount of trailer parts and hitches in stock at our indoor showroom in Akron. Give us a call today at 800-691-9914 and we’ll try to answer your questions over the phone, or bring your truck by our showroom and we’ll work together to find the best trailer hitch option for your needs.

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