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Different Types of Trailers for Sale from Majestic


When it comes to buying a trailer, there’s no better partner to team up with than Majestic Trailer & Hitch.

No matter the type of trailer that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been in the trailer business for more than 30 years and believe that our decades of success in the industry is due in part to the way that we treat all of our clients.  Whether you own a growing landscaping or construction company or you need to haul your “big boy toys,” we’ll help you find the right trailer for you. 

Majestic Trailer Options

Our customer service exceeds the industry standards and the quality of our trailers and hitches are second to none. At Majestic Trailer & Hitch, we are proud to offer a wide variety of trailers for sale that include the following:


  • Dump Trailer - This type of trailer is a popular one for roofers, contractors or landscapers. As it is great for landscaping projects that utilize gravel, dirt or mulch,  It can also be used as a trash dumpster to save those roll-off fees. Our dump trailers offered are from popular manufacturers such as Top Hat, Griffin, and Quality Steel & Aluminum.

  • Enclosed Trailer - An enclosed trailer from Majestic Trailer & Hitch is another popular option for landscapers and contractors who are looking for added security for their equipment. Whether you need to haul a classic car, motorcycle or band gear, our wide selection of enclosed trailers ensures you’ll find the right trailer that meets your needs.

  • Open Utility Trailer - If you are someone that needs to haul items of different sizes, but don’t care if the items that you transport come into direct contact with Mother Nature, an open utility trailer is a very affordable option. At Majestic Trailer & Hitch, we have many different options that are available with both wood and metal bases.

  • Equipment Hauler - Perfect for individuals that are hauling equipment, choose from many different equipment trailers that will provide a smooth ride wherever you’re headed. Whether you’re hauling a ride-behind mower and all your landscaping gear or need to transport heavy machinery to a jobsite, one of our equipment haulers can get the job done for you.

Customizable Options from Majestic Trailer & Hitch

Struggling to find a standard trailer that meets all of your needs? Looking to customize your trailer? At Majestic Trailer & Hitch, we have a passion for providing custom trailers of all sizes. We can easily add a toolbox, winch or even extend the tongue. Just let us know what it is that you need and we’ll handle the rest! We also offer a full line of trailer accessories.

At Majestic Trailer & Hitch, we want you to be totally satisfied with the trailer that you purchase. We carry a huge selection of different types of trailers for sale so that our customers can find exactly they need at either of our locations. We also offer special financing options for our trailers so you don’t have to wait any longer to get that new trailer you’ve been thinking about. Stop by and browse our indoor showroom and huge outdoor lot today. Have a question? Give us a call today at 330.798.1698.

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