Some of the in-house customizations we can do at Majestic Trailer & Hitch:

extended tongue

Extended Tongue: Sometimes when towing with a RV, dump truck, or other larger tow vehicle, it can be a pain to turn with your trailer. Getting a custom extended tongue allows more clearance between the back of your tow vehicle and the coupler of the trailer, allowing you to make turns with more ease and less risk of damage.


Custom Hitch Plate: Have you ever wanted a hitch for your box truck or dump truck but cannot find an affordable place to get the welding done? Don't worry. We do that too.

knife edge deck ext

Knife Edge Deck Extension: Perfect for tilt trailers. No more scraping your vehicle or equipment on the ground!

 e track installed

E-Track Installations: Need to secure the loads in your Enclosed trailer? E-track is perfect for that. With d-rings, 2x4 hangers, j-hooks, and more available to use on it, it is one of the most versatile cargo containment methods out there.

custom torch/cutting

Fabrication: Cutting, welding, body work and more. We have the ability to diagnose and estimate insurance claims, and do most repairs right here in house. We do fabrication on a case by case basis.

d ring and wheel chock

D-Ring/Wheel Chocks: Using your enclosed trailer to haul one or more bikes around? We can install the d rings to strap them down, and also the removable wheel chocks to make sure your bike gets where you need to go, safely.

gorilla lift

Gorilla Lift Installs: Does your utility trailers gate get heavier and heavier each time you use it? Getting a Gorilla Lift installed on your trailer uses springs and tension to make it much easier to lift your gate.